1. Will I be able to place order for a product which is out of stock?

The products can be ordered on first come first serve basis. Once the product is out of stock, you can choose the other products available.  

2. Will I be booking a product if I keep it in “My Cart”?

No, you need to place order to book the product using the coupon code. Once the product you have in “add to cart” goes out of stock, you can choose from the other products available.

3. How will I know if my giveaway is shipped?

A text message and email will be sent to you on the Mobile number & PhonePe mail ID  provided during the registration.
4. Will I be able to track the shipment?

A link will be sent to your mobile number & PhonePe mail ID for the associate to track the status of your shipment.

5. Is the box sanitized and safe to open?

We are working with an external partner for the requirement and are ensuring that the supplier follows all necessary precautions during packaging & before shipping them out. The packages will be transported through different channels & partners. So, considering the current situation after the delivery is made, we request you handle the box as to how we treat anything we bring from outside. 

6. Within how many days will I receive the giveaway?

The standard delivery timelines for the giveaway once it is shipped out are as below.

Within Bangalore – 5 to 7 working days
Outside Bangalore & other states – 10 – 12 working days
Remote Locations – 12 – 15 working days

7. Will it be shipped to all the locations across India?

Yes, the giveaway will be shipped out to the current address provided by you during the registration.

8. What happens to the package if I am in a containment zone and the delivery fails?

The courier partner will try their best to deliver the shipment. However, if the delivery fails in a scenario like the location falling under a containment zone, the package will be returned to the origin.

9. What if I am not available at my residence the day the courier is out for delivery. Will the courier partner reattempt the delivery?

The courier partner will attempt the delivery for a shipment for a maximum of 3 times. Post this, the shipments will be sent back to origin.

For any concerns or challenges?

A support mail ID will be provided to the associate after the product is shipped out for them to reach out in case of any concerns. Since this will be from an external partner, we request you to mark the below mentioned POC’s from PhonePe in your communications to the supplier.

[email protected]